Today begins a whole bunch of flying

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Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to be spending quite a bit of time in airports since I have a bunch of flights coming up. Unfortunately it’s all on different airlines and the flights are pretty cheap so I won’t earn too many miles. Plus I won’t get much sleep with all the traveling. But anyways, adventure time!

  • LAX to oakland today on Southwest
  • Oakland to NJ today on Southwest
  • NJ to LAX on Monday on United
  • LAX to DFW on Monday on American
  • DFW to LAX on Thursday on American
  • LAX to NJ on Thursday on United
  • NJ to LAX on Sunday on Alaska
  • LAX to SEA on Friday on Delta (Oppo meet!)
  • SEA to LAX on Sunday on Alaska

Thankfully the only one of those flights is a redeye, the rest are during normal awake hours so I should be alright and not die. 

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