I started at 10:30, figured I’d have manual hubs in a couple hours.

Couldn’t get the hub cap off. Had to pack up my tools and stuff and go borrow a pipe wrench from my dad.

Couldn’t get the snap wring off the axle with needle nose pliers. Went to Home Depot because they showed snap ring pliers in stock. No snap ring pliers, or maybe they do, but they didn’t know what they were and didn’t want to help.


Off to Lordco. Found these lock ring pliers that seemed like they work better. They just barely work. Got the snap ring off, I can finally remove the hub.

But wait. The biggest hex driver I have is too small.


It’s been 5 hours of fucking around, it’s hot now, I’m accepting that the universe has decided I don’t get manual hubs today.

Time for a beer.