SSo to start I was driving down a multi lane road, doing about 75 in a 60 and I’m gaining a newer model Colorado who’s doing about 65-70 at the time we were the only two cars on the road.As I’m beginning to overtake him he starts speeding up, we were going down a hill so I figured he just wast paying attention and the truck was getting away from him so I speed up a bit more. The guy in the Colorado speeds up aswell, and then cuts me off and begins to slow down. There was a left lane turn off ahead so I figured he was going to turn left so I slow down and enter the right lane getting behind another car doing about 63. The Colorado then begins to match the speed of the other car. We drive that way for about half a mile until the other car slowed down to turn off, I got back behind the Colorado, slammed it down into 5th, looked for the first gap I could find and let my Eaton M45 sing it’s song as I finally got around the Colorado.

Not too sure why someone would do such a thing but he did have an American flag themed punisher sticker on his back window so it’s probably par for the course.

FFast forward about 30 minutes and I’m driving in an area I don’t know too well, I pull into this little mom and pop gas station that was a bit busy. There was an older dude in a C6 corvette getting ready to leave so I pull in between the pumps and the store to give him room to leave, there was a younger lady guiding him so I figured they were together because you know how old people are. Anyways I don’t know if corvette dude was having car troubles or just couldn’t figure out the clutch but he was not making any considerable distance, so they push his car out the way and I turn my car around real quick (because I was facing the wrong way for the pump.) I get out my car and the same lady who was guiding corvette dude was now apologising to me while fiddling with my gas door trying to open it. I figured she was just being nice so I tell her “it just flips open”. Then she asks me if if I’m doing cash or a card. I just kinda sit there for a second thinking “why is this random person asking for my money I can do this myself” then it hit me “oh this isn’t a self service station, she’s the attendant.” I’ve never been to a gas station that wasn’t self service since they’re not that common in virginia. In fact I didn’t know we had them to begin with.


S yeah that was my saturday.

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