My job sucks. I’m one of the more senior people at the place, and have a “flexible” schedule, but that mostly means I often stay late into the evening for shit I don’t feel like sticking around for and don’t get any more money because I’m on salary.

I’ve been wanting to take a mental health day for a while now but haven’t been able to for various reasons. Until today, that is.

I’ve been talking with one of the other senior guys about taking this mental health day for weeks. We had this big videoconference with the president of the company last Friday, and various other deadlines and crap for the month+ before that, so taking a day off was just not possible.

Since I’m planning to leave this job soon, hopefully, and I have separate sick time and vacation time, I’ve been meaning to take a sick day for my mental health day. Because when you leave this company, you get a payout for vacation time but not sick time. Might as well hang on to that vacation time since it’s worth money in the near future.


Yesterday, I went into this dude’s office, and he asked me,

“Do you feel a sudden illness coming on tomorrow?”

“Why yes, yes I do!”

“I think I’ll be coming down with that same illness on Friday! Why’d you have to get me sick?”


The best part is, our boss is actually sick right now and sounds horrible. So it’s entirely conceivable that each of us caught that something from her.

Today my plans include:

Phone interview for a way better job than this one.

Going grocery shopping with my gf who isn’t working at the moment but starts her new job on the 22nd.


Going to the gym in the middle of the day. Just late enough that my receptionist, Bubblehead, who goes to the same gym as me and works 12-8 pm, doesn’t see me when she goes before work.


Taking the gf to Best Buy to look at possible new laptops for her. I’m trying to get her to get a Chromebook, maybe.

Possible dinner and/or music date...except who knows what kind of live music there is in this town on a Wednesday.


Good thing I have to work Saturday!