Today I did the unthinkable...

So, I’m doing oil changes on a 5000 mile schedule. This is pretty normal for our cars. While Ford says we can go 10,000, I can’t bring myself to do that on a turbo car. The oil is the lifeblood of both the engine and the turbo and there is no way I want to take any chances with it. I drive my car hard, so despite the oil monitor in the car indicating more than 60% oil life left I did an oil change today.

So far so good.

Here’s the shocking part. I took it to a Ford dealer to have them do the job.

With an upcoming track day later this month as well as an autocross next weekend, I wanted to have the tires rotated along with the oil change and general check over, and while I like to do most of my own wrenching I really hate doing oil changes.

It was interesting watching them do the work.

The tech first tried to drive my car up on one of the drive on lifts, but the manager waved him off when he realized that there was no way that a lowered Mustang was going up on it. He then drove around to the two post lifts to get it in the air, passing by another tech who was moving a Mustang GT and engaging in a little “rev off” on the way to the lift. I’m guessing my car won, because he did a couple of celebratory throttle blips after the V8 car idled out of the way. I think he was enjoying the exhaust and DV+ sound.

Once on the lift the shop manager had to go over and take a look at the car before the tech even got it in the air. He seemed shocked that I have 275/35 tires all the way around. The tech himself really enjoyed opening the hood and not having to grab the stupid prop rod, as well as the look of the polished intake pipes. I’m sure they don’t get a lot of modified cars in, but they certainly seemed open to the experience.

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The job itself was straight forward, as an oil change should be, and of course they found nothing wrong with an 8700 mile car, despite all of my changes and “sporting driving”.

Yes, I did the first change at only 3800 miles, as the oil was really dark. This change was only 100 miles short of 5000 since the first one. Now it’s good until 13700, which will certainly be next year.

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