Today, I had a tea party. Almost turned car-b-q.

Actually, my roommate had a tea party and seeing that I already knew everyone coming, I joined in. Everyone got rides in the Exocet. They had a good time, aside from when I nearly lit my passenger and car on fire.

I went to the gas station and after pumping three gallons, pressure in the tank sent the gas right back up the intake pipe. The result was losing about a quart of gas flowing in the region of the exhaust (thankfully not hot enough to ignite). Yeah, this won’t do. Time to take things apart and see what’s going on there. My guess would be that one or both of the two lines coming off the tank that are supposed to relieve pressure are blocked.


I’ll post up a new video on Pistondrift Tuesday with tea party wonders. Wednesday I head down to Austin for the Indycar race! If you’re around Austin and want to meet up, let me know.

Haggis Mac N Cheese for your time.

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