My town of Rockville, MD has loads of traffic cameras. I’ve noticed the camera at this intersection before. But...a couple weeks ago on a lazy Sunday evening drive to pick up pizza, I rolled through a right turn on red. I know, because today I got a citation in the mail with a link to see the video online. Thanks, Rockville!

Rockville is the county seat of Montgomery County, and both the city of Rockville and the county love red light and speed cameras. Rockville has handy custom Google Maps showing the exact locations of the cameras.


Montgomery County only publishes a list of the locations of the cameras, but this is a crowdsourced map of the whole DC/Baltimore region. Montgomery County is the area directly north and west of DC.


Thankfully, Maryland traffic camera tickets are only $75 civil citations that don’t go on your driving record. The only consequence is when you renew your vehicle registration, you have to pay any outstanding camera tickets, if you haven’t paid them.

Unfortunately, I received no extra credit for using my blinker while not stopping at the light. That turned out to be some expensive-ass pizza.