Today I lost a truly good boy

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Rest in peace, Kobe.

We had a good run. 9 years in fact, and I relished every minute of it. Kobe the whippet was one of those rare dogs that just exudes a gentle and loving spirit that spreads around whatever room he was in. Just the most loyal and tender hearted dog you ever did see.


Kobe alone is responsible for a major shift in the attitudes towards dogs of nearly everyone who knew him. A truly great ambassador for canines everywhere. When he wasn’t lazing on the couch, that is.

Kobe was a gentle giant. A strong capable giant who could cross a hundred yards in mere seconds. You should have seen him run. Nothing could match him, not even our younger whippet Turk. No, Kobe was a big bruiser on the outside hiding a heart of gold within.


He passed away today at exactly noon, surrounded by his whole family. I am so thankful for my time with him and the opportunity to comfort him in his final moments. Kobe had a stroke resulting from a months long battle with an advanced and aggressive nasal cancer that had worked its way into his brain. We rushed him to the vet so that his final moments could be in peace, which is the best way it could have happened.

You will be missed, Kobe.

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