If I said I wasn’t crying, I would be blatantly lying. His family just publicly announced his death on Twitter through his official account. The BBC also just announced it.

His movies pulled me through hard times in my life. While everyone else my age was too busy watching Harry Potter, I would always watch the Moore Bond movies. I loved them. I enjoyed them. I’ll never forget the first Bond movie I saw, The Spy Who Loved Me. I’ll never forget the Lotus Esprit submarine or the Carly Simon theme. I’ll never forget Octopussy. That movie made me fall in love with the Alfa Romeo GTV-6.

The impact Sir Roger had in my life was above anything else. Whenever someone has asked me who my favorite actor is, I’ve always said Roger Moore. His sense of humour is the sole influence behind my sense of humour with my relentless puns and one-liners.

If there’s something I can be sure of, is that heaven has gained another angel. Rest in peace, Sir Roger Moore. I will miss you. God bless you.

If I may quote Carly Simon, “Nobody does it better.”