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Today, I parked sideways in my garage

I installed OEM LED fog lights on Saturday. Quite easy to install, and inexpensive. Especially when you compare them to some of the more well known brands.


I started to look on various forums for aiming specs until I remember that I paid my son to download all of the 4Runner FSM from TIS a few months ago. I found the PDFs and aimed away.

Prior to my sideways garage parking. I measured what the existing “lean” of the vehicle is so I could match that on my sloped garage floor. A stubby #2 screwdriver and I had the headlights and fog lights all where hey are supposed to be. My headlights were a bit off, the fogs were aimed about a foot too high. I would’ve been blinding people had I drove around before adjusting them.

I’d love to get better headlights, as that’s probably my #1 complaint with the 4Runner. I’m not sold on LED headlights, and also hesitant at doing much more than simple bolt on mods. Wiring and drilling probably aren’t in the cards for me.

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