That my main car won’t hit 100k miles until it is at least 20 years old (based on the current average of just under 5k/year, but this last year it did about 2.5k in a year, so it could be even longer).

My other car at the present average (and this average is going down) will hit 100k miles when it is at least 54 years old.

Even my wife’s car only averages 8k/year and recently has been doing 3-5k/year.

My last daily before my current “daily” averaged 6.25k/year while I owned it even though I drove it daily, drove it on longer trips for racing pretty often, and used it to tow my stuff up here.

And since this is a shitpost, bear poo smells to berries at certain times of the year.

I’m not sure how I can be an auto enthusiast and drive so little. It also seems like I keep doing things to reduce my driving whenever possible...

Maybe I subconsciously would rather drive when I can enjoy it, rather than driving when it is torture.


Feel free to discuss.