And has an available 404hp 3.0TT V6, and gets a 550hp 4.2TT V8 soon.

One of my Project Managers is looking at getting a “new” car (probably a 1-3 year old CPO) and has been looking at Audi S6s and BMW 550i xDrives. He knows I’m a car guy and asked for opinions and other cars to look at.

I came up with the E550 4matic, but was pretty stumped beyond that on the spot. I’m thinking over the weekend I added the S90 T6 and the CTS V-Sport, although it’s not AWD like the others (something he’d said he would like) Then I remembered the CT6 existed and found out about the 3.0TT and AWD.

The guy is in his mid 30’s and currently drives a Buick Lucerne, so damn near anything will be sporty by comparison.


Does anybody have any other suggestions?