Yes it’s me again, continuing my tour of sitting in cars at dealerships and then telling you all a bunch of common knowledge. So reading beyond this is really your fault then, isn’t it?

This time I took my friend Will. He doesn’t factor in much but I asked him to remind me not to forget to check the trunk space and come up with some questions I’d miss. Something else that doesn’t factor in much; the ATS. They didn’t have an ATS V coupe like I’d wanted but the base model was enough to scratch it off my list. Seats weren’t better than my Mustang (which is a major factor for me), controls were messy and blocked by cup holders, and there was just enough meh that I’m not really interested in going further. It would be a good GT car though and I admit the looks and engine would be unique to my work parking lot.

There’s like 10 luxury dealers in eyesight of each other where I went, so we walked to the BMW dealership next. They didn’t have an M4, but the M2 was available and FINALLY an actual manual version of a car I’m looking at. I’ll admit the BMWs weren’t high on my list given some biases I held (as mentioned in another post), but this blew me away. The M2 is definitely worth more consideration now with the size, ground clearance, and seating making it a clear DD winner. The looks are certainly enough that I won’t be mistaken for one of the 100s of 328i owners. The options are super cool (think adjustable phone size wireless charger built into arm rest console) and the engine sounds great. The screen is almost one of the popped-up tablet types I don’t like, but it has a crazy aspect ratio (think 3:1) so it’s not horrible. And, with the cup holders in front of the shift knob, the screen/controls slightly angled towards you, it’s a nice place to sit. Overall, I’m a fan, a big fan.

A big ass fan. Bet you thought there’d be an M2 here.

And finally, we walked over to the Porsche dealer. No manual Cayman around so we sat in an auto but for my purposes this is still... fine. This thing was beautiful. The seats were great, but the seating position was amazing with a windshield angle that just made for really good visibility for the car type. I love the driver-oriented cockpit in these (sorta like the Vette) and an embedded screen. Obviously though, it would be very tough to get a Cayman with options anywhere close to their compatriots for the prices. Still, it’s a freaking Cayman, sounds amazing even with the 4-cyl which I had them rev a bit, and it has slightly more ground clearance than the Vette.


There are tons of trade-offs between each car I’ve looked that, which will become more heavily weighted once I get to the point of actually test driving and such. But as it stands, and about 9 months away from possible purchase, my list is:

1) C7 Stingray, 2) Cayman, 3) M2, 4) F-Type

Ugh but I want it NOW!

Edit: Forgot to add I liked that the M2 had an actual e-brake rather than a silly button. I get it, but man I just don’t like the buttons.


Edit 2: I’m an idiot and swapped some features in my head between the M2 and the Cayman.