Today I sat in an F-Type S and a GT350!

Similar to my recent Vette and Camaro adventure, I went to a Jaguar dealer and then a Ford dealer. Spent much less time in these as both salesmen seemed more anxious to get me out of there (I get it though). But, got to start both up and hear their beautiful/raucous exhaust notes!

Like this, but stationary...

Unfortunately there were no manuals on the lot, but I wasn’t going to test drive anyway (yet). I’m still wowed every time I see one in person, the most beautiful car on the roads I think. What I didn’t expect was worse visibility than the Vette. That aside, the seats are unbelievably comfy and variable in a crazy number of ways. The exhaust sounded great, not as deep as I’d like, but the exhaust note and the looks are swooned ad nauseum so nothing new. Overall I definitely plan to leave this on the list of future test drives, but on paper it’s power-to-weight ratio is the worst of every car I’m looking at. I know I don’t need ridiculous numbers to be happy, I just need to not miss my Mustang too much.

Yum Voodoo, boo width.

Onto the GT350, I had to checkout the proper color combo of course! The Recaros felt pretty good, but it was a bit difficult to get in and out... I’m 6'0 160lbs for reference. Now that I think about it getting out of the F-Type wasn’t a piece of cake either. Again, something something exhaust note is good etc. I just couldn’t really get over how WIDE it felt compared to my 14' GT. I know it’s only 1.4" more but those haunches in your side mirrors feel like a foot. After the Vette and F-Type I think I definitely want the closeness of a 2 seater because the S550 interior feels like an apartment I once had. Just too much space, didn’t look all that attractive either and that’s coming from someone who almost never puts down interiors. I generally don’t care, but maybe I’ve recently been spoiled?

In the end, I had a bunch of fun after a day of Dr appointments and co-pays (UGHHHH). I think I’ve officially crossed the GT350 off the list, and the F-Type as I’ve said is still in the running. Anyone else feel similarly as above or are you offended and need to tell me so? :)

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