Today I saw...

A Nissan Pao

Not that one I found that in a google search. But it looked just like that one! If I were at home I would assume it belongs to Torch, we live only about 45 minutes apart. But this was not at home, it was somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania. Rust country. And it was all alone on the side of the road, not in a place where it looked to call home.


I wonder about this little Pao. I wanted to stop, to turn around, to ask it about its journey. I want to know more. Why was it parked in desolation, on a rural mountain road, in a foreign country? Did it feel alone, abandoned? Could I take it home and give it the care it deserves after a life of abuse?

Alas I went on, my rental Challenger not equipped to handle such a burden.  But as I strode on in my soulless beast I could only think about the Pao

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