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Today I'm doing... [updated]

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It sounds like fun.

Well... OK not quite nothing. On the way down the mountain with ITA97 my Ultragauge alarmed on low voltage.



I’d been keeping my eye on the battery voltage for a while. While it normally reads around 13.8V when the car is running, it had been gradually going down over the course of the trip.


I mean... why not?

When I popped the hood there was a lot of dried fluid on the top of the battery. So... leaking?


It recovered and we made it back without problems with the voltage hovering between 13 and 13.2V, which is... adequate.

So yeah, tl;dr I’m going to go ahead and maybe put on pants and get the battery checked. It was new as of December 2018 so it should be under warranty anyway.


Ok but both before and after that: nothing.

[UPDATE] Cleaned the battery terminals and all is well.  I will now return to my doing of nothing.

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