Today I'm driving the fastest car in the world...

This is a 2013 Dodge Avenger. The name Avenger seemed a little wrong unless it’s avenging the death of its’ third cousin twice removed’s elderly cat. That would seem more appropriate. It has 72,232 miles and still moving!

The car has decent acceleration up to about 10 mph then it feels like the engine was replaced with a family of sickly gerbils.


The steering is nice and light. So light that you can’t feel the road, or bumps, or if the car is suddenly changing directions.

The interior is nice and dark. Everything is black, probably so that it’s harder to see you are driving it from the outside of the car. And a fun little quirk is that this one has a nice constant rattle/squeak coming from the steering wheel when ever the car is moving. (Didn’t dodge just have a recall for exploding airbags? Maybe I should quit smashing this steering wheel in an attempt to make the squeaking stop...)

The brakes work as effectively as you’d expect them to...if the pads were replaced with bars of soap and some sponges for calipers. I don’t understand how it can simultaneously feel like your being launched through the front window and also be the slowest decelerating thing I’ve ever driven.

Oh, and if you’re curious why I’m so priveledged to drive this, it’s because I’m getting the C250 tinted! (Yay darkness!)

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