Me, as Head mechanic of our school’s Chumpcar team, and the President are going to drive to Tampa today to make this $400 300zx work for us.

Back story: the president and the previous officers have purchased possibily the most rustiest, shitty, Non-functioning car I’ve ever seen as our starter car. Not what you want when most of your team has zero mechanical and racing experience.

I’ve been pushing for us to buy a different car from the beginning, and finally this week they cracked and realized how badly our first car isn’t going to work. For some odd reason our advisor (who drove a professionally prepared z32 at Chumpcar several times) is dead-set on us having a 300zx. But we can’t afford a z32. Our car budget is like -$500.


So, that’s why I am driving to Tampa, bringing with me a functioning fuel pump and tank from our rusty car, and swapping it in this dude’s driveway to see if the red car drives. If it does, we’re driving it back to Daytona. Even if we can’t get it running with the new fuel pump, we’re going to buy it if it’s less rusty than our car.

Wish me luck, I guess.