Today I'm thankful that my water is paid for as part of my HOA dues

My shower head snapped off last week and I haven’t had a chance to replace it. On the plus side... The sheer volume of un-restricted water has been quite nice, even if the hot water tank is empty after about 10 minutes. Gotta hand it to this building—for all of it’s faults—water pressure and GPM are up there with the best I’ve ever experienced.

Taking advantage of black Friday Amazon sales, I ordered a mishmash of Moen and Speakman products in various finishes to put together a Frankenstein shower system. Should all be here on Sunday, although I’ll still need to figure out where to mount a wand. Solid brass or stainless steel everything, high flow-rate (limiters will be removed anyways...), what looks like quality internals. I'm excited. Should be fun to put together too! 


Now maybe I’ll finally get around to the much-needed bathroom remodel! 😀 a few years.

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