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I'll be honest, I've seen dealer pages more organized and appealing than this. It's like someone in their company decided "Hey, we need a holiday theme, so let's make the whole website look like a Sears Catalog from 2002!"

It's like they're so convinced that the average Honda buyer is used to oversaturated cluttered mess from their 7-year olds pastel-colored plastic toys and sippy cups that the best aesthetic for their website is to make it look like a commercial one would see on the constantly running Kids Network from the TV in the living room where the buyer tries to get some sleep between the crying shitbags and shouting primate parasites, insisting that they will somehow find peace and attractiveness in a website that doesn't shake them out of their fruitloops and diapers stupor, instead easing them into the miserable existence of serfdom to an immature brat with their one saving financial grace being the slightly shinier vehicle than their similarly beleaguered neighbors use to carry around their uncontrollable cesspools of soul-eating disease.


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