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I haven’t posted family drama in a while as drama normally drags me to dark places. In fact, once family drama starts occurring I hop on a bike and take off. I want none of it and I don’t care who gets offended by my active non-participation.

My parents got themselves in this foreclosure situation and they’re going to get themselves out of it. I’m simply done being everyone’s savior. I’ve darn near ruined my life trying to make other people happy before me. I will weather this like I always do, but maybe the people who have relied on me since I became of working age will finally learn some real independence.

All that said, this is way too insane to pass up.


Conversation starts with me talking about the 2012 smart’s broken belt. She offers towing help. Eh, I can replace the belt myself. Worst case, I’ll limp it to a shop while it’s cold outside.

Today she asks me to apply for a loan to pay for necessary plumbing fixes to the house that is under threat of foreclosure. She also asks me for $500 to help pay to file for her bankruptcy again.


Best interest of us both or helping you, pick one.

So let me get this straight. Three years ago they asked me to go in on a hard money loan (secured with the house itself) to pay for renovations. I knew from the start they weren’t going to pay for the loan. My parents have never paid for any loan, credit card, or full term of a lease in their life. It would be asinine to assume things would change there. However, I was depressed, suicidal, and desperately was looking for approval from my I did it.


As expected, they failed to pay for these loans. Now the house is being foreclosed and I can potentially lose everything. But hey, how about another loan for them, right? No way would they not pay it.

Three years later, I’ve learned from the mistakes 2016 me did. I don’t care if I disappoint my parents. I don’t care who I offend, either. I come first now and I’m sorry, there is literally no logic in asking this of me. It’s basically saying “sorry for gaslighting you into signing that hard money loan I didn’t pay for, wanna help me by signing onto another loan and giving me $500?”


The answer is no across the board and I called just to drive that home. I don’t care about the threats of this and that happening, that stuff doesn’t work on me anymore. Figure it out without me.

Side note: I’m “Missey” (ugh) because she refused to call me Mercedes because “Mercedes is a prostitute name”. At the time I said whatever because I was more concerned with being accepted than having my name said correctly. Oh do I regret that.


I confronted her about it and she denies ever inventing the name because “Mercedes is a prostitute name”. No, she claims she just came up with that name out of the blue and that it’s an endearing nickname. Not when I know the real history about it! What’s worse, none of my extended family and very very few family friends know my name is actually Mercedes, they literally think it’s “Missey” because that’s what my mom told them without saying “that’s my nickname for her”. I asked her to either call me Mercedes or “Misty” (a nickname I like) and she got extremely offended. I’m sorry, you’re not entitled to call me whatever nickname you want and have the rest of the family believe that’s my real name.

Only my brother and his wife have enough respect not to call me Missey and we aren’t even close.


End rant, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my day and bask in the warmth of my current state of not giving a darn. Have another rally Festiva.


Final note: No worries, I’m not sad or depressed. I’m having the best year of my life and I’ll be darned if anyone comes in the way of that.

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