today in making things hard than they could be

this island is still dragging on. I havn’t been working on it much lately but finally got around to building another door. I wanted the doors to be somewhat hidden so I tried to make it look like the finished recessed panel on the end (second photo) the door opens which was a surprise but gets caught in the hinge side about 1/3 way open. This one doesn’t matter much as the trash is behind it and there is only a small storage area behind, which is going to be for the cat food. The other door will need to open more as that is where some big things go like an air fryer. I think if i sand the island’s trim board a little it will help.

still to do:

add veneer board and 1/4 round trim to the trash door, build right side door, adjust drawer and add 1/4 trim to that


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