So, as part of my Dog Days, I spend a lot of time looking at these sporty version of cars in Mexico

Remember: we get way more cars than you guys, but mostly boring cars.

Legacy 3.0

Its a 2008 Subaru Legacy with the 3.0 flat six, developing 245 horsepower routed to all four wheels. Its got a 5-speed autobox with paddle shifters too!

Paddle shifter mounted on the column as god intended!

For: Its a weird Subaru with a flat six engine

Against: It needs a bit of work on the interior, its almost 10 years old, so look out for driving restrictions in Mexico City!


VW Passat W8

Its a four liter W8 Passat with AWD and an automatic transmission. It develops 275 horsepower and can sprint from 0-100 in about seven seconds


Its got a quaint interior, but just look at those BBS alloys, something makes me suspect the current owner is a part-time-bro.

For: Its a W8 passat with 43 thousand miles, its near me, and its the only W8 Passat.


Against: Its a fifteen year old car and the owner is asking too much for it.

Volvo S80 V8 AWD

Yes, this is the same car that Dr. House’s best friend drove around a couple of times, also a SHO taurus, and a Corvette.


It’s got a 4.4 liter Yamaha V8 crammed somewhere inside it developing 315 horsepower but more importantly, its got 440 NM of torque!


For: Its a V8 Volvo, its probably the youngest car of the list thus far, and I like the outside, it seems like its been well taken care of.

Againts: fake wood everywhere! It also has a dealer sticker that makes me suspect its not a first owner car...

Chrysler 200c V6 AWD

Its the youngest car on the list! its also the most expensive, but it gets really close to that Passat. It’s got a pentastar v6 mated to a 9 speed automatic box routed to all four wheels. Its dissapointingly slow, yet even then its the second most powerful in the list as uf now.


For: its the youngest car

Againts: it seems to have had quite a life! despite being less than 30,000 miles in! Its so boring I didn’t even bother putting an interior shot!


Bonus: Bulletproofed Audi RS4.

Its a v8 Audi with AWD routed through a six speed manual box, its the most expensive car of the list and the most powerful by far.


For: its a bulletproof 420hp sedan

Againts: its a bulletproof sportscar in Mexico City, the suspension must be destroyed!, its also that Audi V8 that is a pain to service!