Since my bike is broken (again) I went to the local Royal Einfield / Triumph dealership that was having a demo days of two RE models and rode them. Then my buddy came over with his 2019 Goldwing with 10 miles on it.

This thing looks amazing. Sadly I don’t fit on it all that well.


I fit on this quite a bit better. Triumph makes some absolutely beautiful bikes. Pity they’re so expensive.

This is a bit cheaper. RE Continental GT 650. Aggressive forward stance, 650 air/oil cooled twin, fuel injection. It rides better than anything I’ve ever owned.


Rode this second. This is the “standard” version of the Continental, the Interceptor. It is perfect. This one had some lame slip-ons on it (the stock exhaust on the Continental was much nicer) but I could very definitely see myself riding one of these every day and for how cheap they are.... damn. These are cheap bikes but the only parts that felt cheap were also the easiest to fix: the grips and mirrors were bargain basement but $20 on Amazon would fix both problems.

Also that orange is perfection.


Also perfection is this. This is Peak Motorcycle.


2019 Honda Goldwing DSG. My friend bought this and put 10 miles on it then I put on the next 10 miles and... geez. It’s just so good. The DSG is a bit weird and did cause a pucker moment during a right-on-green where the bike downshifted on me while I was leaning through a turn and the sudden increase in engine braking was a real puzzler (the answer is to just be lightly on the throttle the whole way through a tight turn, or turn off sport mode). The windshield is motorized and goes up and down. It has forward and reverse electronic crawl modes. It has heated grips, Carplay, leg warmers, heated seats, keyless go and keyless entry for the trunks, LED headlights, more stuff than I even remember. It handles fantastically well due to the trick front suspension and is unreasonably easy to lay over into a corner.

Anyways yeah my shit is still broken and I hate everything.

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