Today’s NPOCP is nearly identical to a car I shared here on Oppo yesterday.

Now, ordinarily, I’d be defending a near-identical car to my own, on the NPOCP stage. But having found the low-mileage example I did yesterday, I’ve gotta come down hard on the Crack Pipe side of things. Here’s the breakdown:

a) 2001 325xi wagon, 5 speed manual, sport package, 281,000 miles - $5,200 asking price


b) 2002 325xi wagon, 5 speed manual, no sport package (manual seats, no less!) but 94,000 miles - $5,995 asking price

Okay, maybe neither one is a smokin deal, but while I love me a manual BMW wagon (my own daily since 2009, I’m putting my money where my mouth is), $5k is waaaay too much for the ‘01. Hell, I sold my ‘01 for under $4k three years ago with just over 202k.


These are great cars, not bad to work on, with fantastic community support via forums and places like PelicanParts and BavAuto. But I’ll take the ‘02 here. Or my own ‘03 because, you know, I drove it to work today.