So a few people responded to the last version of this post and I thought the responses were pretty good. My favorite response was from Tfritch and his desire to turn that 1970 BMW 2800 into a hot rod!

To review, I thought of posting these articles because I like to hear what you guys would do with cars in need of restoration but are still capable drivers. They aren’t quite blank slates but they could be turned into something great!

So, what would you do? A) What might you like to turn it into, B) what kind of work would that take, C) determine if it would be “worth it” (that’s very relative, I know) and D) elaborate on what imaginative backstories YOU would give this car.

This week’s candidate is none other than a 1962 Volvo 544!

This Norse lump of iron could make a sweet surfwagon or a day to day grocery getter but this isn’t about what I would do with this thing. What would you do?



According to “Jon,” our seemingly eclectic Volvo mechanic and owner, she’s a good runner and has been reliable for his purposes. However, some of those purposes may have been a little chemically enhanced judging by one of those pictures. Last I checked, rolling in a Volvo of this vintage had a prerequisite of some extracurricular social activity so maybe this is par for the course.


After checking the glovebox, you may notice this sweet Swede comes with some non-standard door panels and sheepskin seat covers that wouldn’t have been out of place in my grandfathers work truck.

Beyond the interesting, but functional additions, this little coupe looks like a pretty clean canvas to start from. Sporting a beautiful patina which reportedly holds only the slightest amount of “body surface rust” the body looks good and the frame is supposedly straight.


All of this seems pretty standard fare but then we get to the price. $3000 for a good runner doesn’t seem too bad, especially if Jon does actually have as many records and resources as he says he has. However, if we’re looking at a restoration, seems like you would have to have a pretty clear idea what you’re going for before you drop that kind of coin.

Alright! So let’s get to it!

*Price is Right Voice*

Starting price is a affordable $3000! What might you like to turn it into? What kind of work would that take? Is it worth it annnnnd what awesome backstory would YOU give this car!?!