It’s Thursday and naturally, I’m bored at work so time again for another Restoration Nation post! There were some pretty great responses on last week’s post and it looks like that Volvo might have another life as a racecar! That is, if one of you jamokes gets your hands on it. Not gonna lie, that would be pretty cool. Personal favorite; Die-Trying suggesting to throw in some heavy Ford Iron and “clipping it.” I may not know completely what that means but he does and it sounds awesome!

In review, I thought of posting these articles because I like to hear what you guys would do with cars in need of restoration but are still capable drivers. They aren’t quite blank slates but they could be turned into something great! Although, I’ve read the comments and it seems like the backstory answer isn’t really that necessary, so I’ve changed it up a bit. At the end of the day, what would you do with it?

So, what would you do? A) What might you like to turn it into, B) what kind of work would that take, C) determine if it would be “worth it” (that’s very relative, I know) and D) what would you do with it?

I’ve decided to shake it up a little this week and go for something a little off the wall. Remember, this is a driver as is and oh man, do I think it looks cool. I present to you a 1969 “TWA” Jeep CJ5 2 wheel drive!

Parking brake rock is extra.


This vehicle could be one of the more obscure finds that I have ever come across in my Craigslist searches. But it is a driver so it qualifies! What would you do with this piece of grounded aviation history?

“Michael” is our Craigslist seller today and it looks like he’s tried to put a little work into it but unfortunately, our fellow Jalop can’t quite finish the job. However, that means someone else can take it on, or start a new “job,” whatever their heart desires!


Everything seems as normal for Jeeps of this vintage except this time the interesting backstory has been done for you. Apparently part of the LAX Fire Department fleet at one time, this 2 wheel drive 4WD vehicle spent its days hanging out by the TWA terminals. (As if you couldn’t tell.)

Don’t be irresponsible, you fools!


The interior is just that, inside the car, jeez what more do you want. This one is a true mailman special, there’s nothing here besides the essentials and even a couple of those may have been left out. What wasn’t left out though was a reminder on the dash to our driver that passengers are only allowed in the car if there is adequate seating available. So remember that in case you were looking to throw someone over the hood.


According to our seller she is “running great” and with the little four cylinder here, you have got plenty of room under the hood to get your hands dirty. I mean look at this thing, it could double as a sewing machine. I am actually wondering if my mom’s Singer is bigger than this engine. Thankfully it looks like it’s all there! I’m not entirely sure how easy tracking parts down is for this guy.

Looks good guys, our work here is done!


One curiousity is the fuel cell located behind the passenger seat. I’m not sure if that would pass a safety inspection today but it worked for the fire department at one time so it can’t be too bad? Right? Right guys?

Naturally, with cars of this vintage rust is always an issue and LAX is pretty close to the ocean, but this example doesn’t look too bad but my money on it needing a little bit of work in that regard.


So, for $3250, what do you think? She runs and comes complete with one hell of a story. I’d be willing to bet that fully restored, this would be the coolest ride at your local airshow.


Alright! So let’s get to it!

*Price is Right Voice*

Starting price is an affordable $3250! What might you like to turn it into? What kind of work would that take? Is it worth it annnnnd what would YOU do with it!?!