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Today in sketchy Craigslist postings

That’s where they usually rust, and this one really isn’t that rusty on the surface

A beautiful rusty 1986 VW Passat Golf

Interior isn’t too bad

Ad text:

1986 volkswagen runs good some smoke comes out after it’s turn on for few minutes it has been doing that since i bught it 10 years ago 4 years ago the engine was rebuild asking 500 obo

And the info box:


Square headlights, and only two of em.


Seems to be missing the rear wiper arm. All in all, with rust and probable mechanical issues, lack of plates (when was it registered last?), plus the lower trim level makes me thing $500 is the right price on this. In true Craigslist fashion, the poster left no contact info except a Craigslist email. So yeah.

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