Today in small things causing disproportionately large levels of irritation.

The crew redoing my Condominium’s entryways (six months and we’re a third of the way done. Efficient!) is just finishing putting a completely unnecessary central guardrail on the landing. Thus adding about three extra feet I will need to walk every time going between my home and car. Who decided this was a thing that was needed? Gahhhhh

Look at that top picture. See how close the generic crossover is to the rail? Squeezing between there with grocery bags? Good luck. Putting in new appliances? Better hope the neighbor isn’t home.


To the clipboard-toting, pencil-pusher that decided this walkway needed more safety or whatever... Know this. If there is an afterlife, your place in it has been determined.

And don’t even get me started on the fence that’s been painted 90% of the way, left for four months, touched up slightly and still had yet to be finished. It’s a 100ft fence for crying out loud....

:End rant:

Ps: do people buy eggs at the grocery market without opening the carton and checking for cracks? An employee said I was strange for checking things at the store....

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