We found the ‘First Lesson’. It’s a bronze sculpture representing one of the Gamilaroi mob from the Pillaga region in NSW, Australia showing his child his place in the world.

It’s one of a series perched on the edge of the Dandry Gorge collectively known as Sculptures in the Scrub.

This one is called Scrub Spirits. They’d be damned eerie by the light of a full moon.


This one above represents a European steel axe and a Gamilaroi stone axe. The Pillaga Scrub was an important timber area for much of its European history but of course history is much older than that...


This last one is one of four mosaics based on cycad fronds emerging after a bushfire with plants and animals of the Scrub shown in the tiles. The Pillaga is very fire prone and this entire collection was very nearly damaged by a major fire back in February. It came within only a couple of metres of these mosaics.

The other great thing about this place is the extensive network of old forestry roads that link it to the real world. So many sandy trails to explore in dry weather and many of them easy enough for a lifted old Subaru Forester...


If you ever find yourself in the middle of nowhere...then searching out this place is well worth the time.