Was at the local Superstore grocery / semi-department store in Bridgewater yesterday and they had a farm produce display set up out in front of the store to the left of the entrance with some farm equipment borrowed from a local farm equipment place. You know....displays of fresh corn, carrots, etc for sale along with a tractor and few other farming implements to add to the display (but also to advertise for sale from the aforementioned farm equipment shop).

Long story short, I did a double take because I saw this there (sorry for the washed out color, I just did a quick snap - updated with a better pic as I forgot I had taken a second snap!):


Apparently Mahindra Canada is a thing! 0_o Did not know they sold Tractors here, so that is pretty cool! I’m all for cheap, reliable basic vehicles, so it would be cool to see some of their trucks being sold here sometime down the road if they could up their safety ratings a bit to meet North American needs. Basic, cheap small trucks would do well here I think!

Cool stuff! :D

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