Now, I can already hear you all saying “but mkbruin, isn’t the Rescue just a design study for the JK?” To which I reply “perhaps. But it’s so much more.”

Look at those wheels, count the number of studs. Now look closer at the axle.

See, the Rescue used the frame and axles from a Ram 2500 as it’s base. Think of it as a Jeep H2. It was MASSIVE. This concept Jeep has a real 3/4-ton frame, solid front and rear AAM 3/4-ton axles, a 325hp 600-lb-ft torque 5.9L HO Cummins Turbo Diesel mated to an NV5600 six-speed manual tranny and a huge NV273 part-time transfer case. That’s some serious mechanicals.

The designers began by simply inflating the size of a Wrangler until it was proportionate with 40-inch tires. Then they shrunk down the wheelwells to fit 37s.


A true 3/4 ton solid roof expedition vehicle with solid axles and a 6bt. It’s the stuff of dreams, and should have been easy to build given it’s based on Ram components. Hell, I even love the interior layout (although materials certainly could be improved)



And a bonus Gladiator, just because I’m a masochist.

4 door short bed is certainly nice, but I’m still hopeful Jeep produces an extended cab with a 6" bed.