On my way home there is an on ramp what merges onto the highway at a location where its pretty slow moving, to the point that the merging lane will be moving at 5 mph. People usually merge A, B, A,B, like a civilized society. Lately I’ve been trying to merge and the d-bag wont let me in, because we all know that that one car will delay you to an unacceptable amount. The dumbest part of this is the next lane is moving quite a bit faster, so I wait to merge, switch lanes and pass the person who would not let me in.

On the way to work today the girl 2 cars back would beep every time traffic stopped. This is in stop and go traffic trying to get by a construction site. She then tried to pass on the shoulder. Unfortunately for her it wasn’t wide enough for 2 cars so she ended up almost grinding the curb. The cop at the construction site had words with her.