Tried to install an Autometer boost gauge today. Started at 4pm, ended at 12:15am.

Along the way, I sheared 1 bolt, lost 2 bolts, unmounted and mounted the intercooler at least 8 times, took apart half my interior, wrestled with the gauge pod for an hour so that it will fit the Mini and the piece de resistance, I broke this connector on the fuel tank breather pipe which runs though the engine bay:


Which means that I have to buy the whole hose again:

along with the one which connect to that T junction:


Total cost for my ineptness: $172 for all them hoses and shipping. Ooh and I can’t/won’t drive the car till this is fixed, so I’m trapped in my house.

At least I have a dancy-dancy boosty gauge thingy....

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