Today has been a great day so far. This morning I had an interview with a company that close to where I live and I really liked everyone that I talked with. After picking up some delicious pasties for lunch, I decided to take the route that takes me past a known AEV Brute residence. Sadly it wasn't there, but to make up for it fate showed me a Gulf livery Ford GT sitting in the guy's garage. Then to finish my automotive delights, a Scout that looked like it had been restored passed me just before I turned onto my side street. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to SR20 any of the sightings today.

Update: Nailed the job! The company that I'll be working for does a lot of media work for automotive companies. When I was walking through the office, someone had a rendering of a new Vette on their screen. Multiple people had automotive related things on their desks along with hot wheels/matchbox cars. I don't think I've ever been this excited about a job before.