Today is a good day

Mainly because i got my marks back from school and not only did I pass all of my courses with decent grades, but they were good enough to pull my average out of “academic probation” area.

on top of that, I got a christmas bonus (that i wasnt expecting) but its JUST enough that I can cross into the new years with literally 0 debt (no savings either, but i dont owe a dime on nothing, not even a credit card)

+, the parents are out og the house for another 6 hours, so I can listen to my (somewhat questionable) music choice while playing world of tanks with the volume up. A pizza was ordered, i am wrapped up with the heaters, I have my booze and my juice...

Today is a good day. can really only get better if I could take the bike out. but its too cold for that. *shrugs* cant win them all i guess


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