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The votes of the workers in my high profile case are going to be counted. I was quoted extensively in the paper about it. I usually try to avoid media coverage as most of what I get is unrelentingly negative. It is kind of weird to get some positive press.

The test is whether I can manage this morning’s stress and keep my heart rate down. I need to avoid provoking conflict with the government and union people, which is not always easy for me to do. I am going to use the breathing exercises they taught me in cardiac rehab.


This is big. We go to Visalia this morning to observe the ballots being removed from the safe, and to inspect them for tampering. The last time I saw them five years ago, they were placed in large envelopes, sealed, and the workers signed across the seals. The ballots will be transported by car to Fresno, with observers from each party riding in the car. I will be following with my client (not in the Sunchaser; union people will key it).

The ballots will then be counted in the auditorium in the state building downtown. Everyone on a sides expects a defeat for the union, with the main question being the margin. But you never know until the votes are counted. I have fears of it going the wrong way. The it will be more litigation to protect the result.

This is some historic shit for a small time labor lawyer from Fresno. I have no idea how I get into these things. Breathe.

Illustration for article titled Today is a test

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