Top Gear notwithstanding. Even though it was pretty much the show that made my love for cars grow immensely the facts are the facts and Jeremy did deserve it. What made this day the worse was the fact that I saw my previous car chuggling along traffic in the tropical sun that bathed my town. A 2001 VW Cabrio (A.K.A Oliver) would be pretty insigificant to anyone else but me and although I felt nostalgia this wasn't the cause of my mourning.

As I saw the beige colored top contrasting with the faded black paint going my way, I had to smile. My car was still being used and hopefully enjoyed by its owner the same way I did. The thing is, as I got closer to it and as it passed me by I realized that it wasn't in the same shape I had sold it to the current owner. It was stanced.

As someone who sees stance as the last thing they would ever do to a car I found myself speechless. The car I had worked so hard to turn to stock was now modified in the way I was mostly disgusted. I just have to say that I hope the owner is enjoying it, and that Oliver lives on bringing smiles to whoever has the oportunity to receive them. Even if those smiles come from the loss of ride quality , proper handling, decent performance or cheeky looks.