Unfortunately, I also want to take this opportunity to say bye to everyone for now.

I’ve been reading Oppo for almost 7 years now. I remember the good old pre-Kinja days. I miss them. Hell, I remember Opponauts who haven’t been around for a while, like Shant and Xander. It’s been one hell of a run, but, I feel like it’s best if I part ways for now. I’ve been very busy with school and life in general, leaving me not that much time for Oppo. Plus, I’ve been using the Oppo Facebook group far more frequently. I might come back in the future, but for now, this is it.

I may pop in and leave a comment from time to time, but I don’t want to leave without announcement. I’ve been treated pretty well here and feel as if it’s the right thing to do to say thanks. I have a lot coming up in the next few months in my life and know I won’t be around.

A lot of you have been extremely kind and wonderful people. Despite our disagreements and differences. I thank each and every one of you for being great people. You’ve built a wonderful automotive community within Oppo. It was here before me, and will be here after I leave. Please continue to be great. Keep Oppo awesome.

Also, with respect to politics, I will say one thing: Oppo genuinely doesn’t feel as welcoming as it used to. As much as most of you may disagree with me about my Conservative point of view, it’s mine. I hold it. It won’t change anytime soon. There’s no need to be condescending towards me about it. None of you have walked in my shoes, and I haven’t walked in anyone else’s shoes. We can all disagree, but there’s no need to be rude or condescending about it. I’ve lived and experienced my life. You’ve all done the same with yours. Not all Republicans are bad people. Sure, I don’t agree with Trump on everything, but there’s no need to vilify all Republicans. Not all of us are white supremacist assholes. Some of us are decent people.


I’ll never forget the memories of being here for three years. I’ve had plenty of laughs, made plenty of friends, and enjoyed being with people who enjoy cars as much as I do.

As a special thanks, I want to thank E90M3 for being the BMW person that I can count on for my interest in strange BMWs. I want to thank For Sweden, McMike, and Takuro for joining me in posting Tavarish memes. I want to thank Follow the Trail of Head Gaskets, HondaBro, and Interstate 366 for joining me in Twingo shenanigans. I’ll miss Zoidberg and the Lexus. I’ll miss Party-vi and #ParmGate. I’ll miss BugEyedBimmer and all of his BMW dealership shenanigans.

I just feel as if it’s time to move on for now. I can’t convey how thankful I am in one post, but this is the best I could do.


As a special note to someone who isn’t here always, I want to thank jkm7680 for being such a great person. I know you’re busy with life and whatnot, but I just want it to be said that I appreciate you for what you’ve said and how kind you’ve been to me. I know you might not be on to read this, but just know that you’re one of the reasons I joined Oppo back in the day and that I admire and respect you. You’re one hell of a guy. God bless you.

Also, to unclevanos, I hope Jabbar Singh’s 1995 525i gives you many interesting stories for years to come given it doesn’t spontaneously combust at any given moment.

Also, if you need to reach me, I’m on the Oppo Facebook group.

Les deseo lo mejor a todos y que dios los bendiga a todos. Gracias por todo.