Sheesh, time flies. Four months ago I started working for Wholesale Exotics, a branch off company of Wholesale Inc. It was just me and the President of Wholesale Exotics in a tiny office in NJ and honestly it started off rocky. To date though I’ve bought 50+ cars/trucks/suvs, spent a total of $1,751,716, and have driven cars some people only get to dream of. I’ve been able to work with people as far West as Cali, as far north as New Hampshire, and as south as Florida. Everyday is a challenge, some more than others, but I enjoy what I do despite how many times I curse at my phone. My boss is opening a dealer up in Florida and I was offered a job there, that or I can stay up in Jersey and run the expanding team here.

Video below of a F12 we bought from a guy out in Cali being driven by my boss, wonderfully spec’d in my opinion. Also, as of the time of this writing, 9:30pm on Thursday, we just bought and sold a 2015 LaFerrari in pearlescent white for a cool $3,800,000.00