Today marks my 5th Oppoversary

It’s been a great five years if I’m honest.

Probably my most memorable contribution besides the gulag gif and one-liners.

I never imagined how many friends I’d make and how many good memories I’d have with you guys. From Unnecessary Car Shopping™ with E90 to the saga of the JKM Truck™ to Party-Vi’s #ParmGate™, I’ve shared plenty of laughs with you guys. From my incessant Twingoposting™ to all the mishaps with the Passat, it’s been a pleasure and an honor to share them here.


Even in my darkest hours, the friends I made here were with me when almost nobody else was. That’s something that I can’t repay, but I will always be thankful from the bottom of my heart. I’ve made friends here that remind me just how good people in this world can be. These are friendships that have gone from Oppo to irl friendships. 

I honestly struggle to understand that it’s already been five years, but time really does fly when you’re having fun. It feels like just yesterday when I was trying to think of a clever username for Oppo CAH to delve into the world of Oppo.

I’d been reading Oppo since 2011, but never did I imagine I’d end up here as a part of the community.

Here’s to many more years and many more memorable moments shared with you guys.

I couldn’t have asked for a better community to be a part of.

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