For those of you that don't know, I have a 1969 Volvo 144, and a couple days ago I actually learned it is in fact a 144S, but the fender badges had been removed at some point, probably when it was converted to single carb…..anyways. When I bought the car, it was running a single SU HS6. It was gutless. To quote someone else's comment, it couldn't even get out of its own way. I sourced an IPD Weber manifold, that handily came with a very battered looking 32/36 DGV Weber, they were practically given to me by the Volvo shop I take my car to, as they just found them in a box somewhere, a relic of when 140s were more common. (Fun fact, they also put brand new OEM exhaust on my car, it had been in a box in storage for over 30 years) Simultaneously, my friends affluent father learned I had this car, and he has an interest in old cars……he has a Triumph TR3, an Austin 7 Supercharged, and a Lotus 7, that was his first car. He'd bought a brand new 28/36 DCOE Weber to try out on the Lotus, and didn't like it, so he lent it to me to use in lieu of the questionable one I got with the manifold. I ran this for a while, and my car worked well enough, although it was always pretty gutless, never really revved past 3K, topped out around 100km/h, I thought it was just an old motor, Today, I put the old Weber on. Then my more mechanically-inclined friend came over and revved it higher than I had the balls to. I shit you not, my little old Volvo spat flames, it was running that rich. Black smoke everywhere. Long story short, we tuned it as well as we could with the improperly jetted carb, and it now happily revs upwards of 5K! A 45 year old pushrod fully iron tractor motor. Damn thing just wants to keep going, I love it.


If she isn't sold this weekend, i shall be back to let you know how hard it is to rebuild a pair of SU HIF6s that have been stagnant for 20 years….and see how she runs with those.