Today: no more artificial gas prices for Mexico.

Remember when all of North America had hot-ass leaders?

As the original neo-liberal party, PRI under the guiding, if not underwhelming, pace of Enrique Peña Nieto has decided to stop assigning a price for gasoline and instead let it fluctuate acording to the international market.

Now, I’m not a fan or a hater of neoliberalism, it has brought many riches to my nation, even if those have been kept in the hands of a few. But this is big, personally I think its great that the government is not subsiding gas anymore.


Owners of gas stations here in Mexico tend to mess with the pumps so that they can earn more money out of the heavily regulated commodity: I think this is bad and it hurt everyone, hopefully this will make them stop and actually be competitive and truthful to the clients.

Its also bad that our former Secretary for Economy once said that “Price hikes only affect the richer people” as journalists in the press room started laughing out loud at that ridiculous lie, even though its not the worst shit he’s said. The truth is that this will be a pinch for all of us, hopefully this means that Mexicans will start worrying about fuel economy and will stop buying thirsty-ass-v8 trucks and 5 pot VWs, that we start using more public transportation, and that we realize the importance of resource management...Or we could go out and offer nonsense so that journalists laugh at us out loud.

People knew this would happen today, but regardless, I think some pretty huge protests will take place here in Mexico City and the Megalopolis throughout the week, meaning I’ll be averaging 3.5 km/h for the following days or so for my 20km commute.


Oh, I’m going to plow through crazy amounts of podcasts the following week!

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