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Today On “Bman76 Almost Gets Run Over While Walking Home”

Bman76 almost gets run over while walking home... (not a fun experience)

Exactly like this one

I live downtown. The city has all but one lane coned off on a one way street by my apartment. As I walked up to cross that street a maroon early 2000’s Impala came flying down the street at about 60mph (30mph speed limit). As he approached the intersection he whips into the lane that’s coned off (towards me) a smashes through all of them without slowing down. Needless to say, I did not enjoy having to dodge flying traffic cones as a car flew by about 5 feet from where I was standing.


What really scared me was how much worse it could have gone. I live right next to a food pantry and a soup kitchen, so there is a large homeless population. Both on my morning walk and at lunch there had been several homeless people standing in the coned off area of the street waiting for the walk signal. If this had been the case this evening the Impala driver would have killed several people.

I called the police and reported it, but I doubt anything will come of it since I didn’t catch the license plate while dodging flying cones. I also posted to the local car page and some people seem to think they’ve seen that car driving like an idiot downtown before (and may have been involved in a hit and run). Good thing about being a car guy is that I could at least give the police an accurate description of the car.

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