Today on How It's Made - Wheeler Dealers

I watched the first episode last night. I can’t say I enjoyed it much.

Spoilers below. Proceed at your own risk.

Viewer is now treated like an idiot.

The screws that come with loctite - the new dude referred to the loctite as glue. It serves the purpose of keeping things together, but it isn’t glue.


The show has taken the turn of How it’s made. We start off with some plastic beads. We heat them up and put them in the mold. Out comes a gas cap. Worker attaches it to the filler neck of the gas tank. And this is how a car is made.

This is how we re-assemble the turbo - We clean off the old turbo. Insert some bits and after turbo was balanced somehow somewhere unbeknownst to the viewer, we slap it back in. Magically the engine is back. Everything powered right up and viola - we have a buyer looking at the insides of the exhaust pipe back there. Let’s see how the previous owner would like to buy it back, shall we?

I don’t like the show. I don’t think I’m gonna watch it anymore.

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