First of all, the Accord is ded. Was cresting a hill in the city when the guy ahead suddenly get’s on his brakes. I get on my brakes quickly too, but not very hard since there’s plenty of distance between us, but the wheels lock anyways. I try to let off the brakes some and steer into the empty left turn lane, but nope. Terminal understeer and I rear end him.

The Accord’s totaled. Radiator support is fucked, so is the hood and the ends of the bumper are sticking up over the hood. So good bye Accord. You had a short and infamous run as an Oppo vehicle, but it’s time for you to go to car heaven now so that your parts can be used to keep other Accords on the road.

Funny enough. The guy I hit was in a ‘08ish Camry. Literally had nothing but a scratch an inch or too long. It’s like all those stories about classic cars getting in fender benders and totaling the other car, but only taking a scratch. Exactly like that. I didn’t take a picture of the other guy’s car or mine, but I’ll get one of the Accord later.

Tire Review: If you remember the tire shop fiasco. I ordered some Falken All-Seasons for the Accord. They put on some old bullshit and when I mentioned it, they said the Falken’s weren’t in. So that gave me some eco Continental’s with like a 700 TWR.

Since it’s an old shitty Accord I took the deal. But I’m blaming a good bit of this on the tires. It was raining today, but I’d braked harder than that earlier and had no issue. I think the fact I was going down hill probably had something to do with it. But again, I wasn’t even getting on the brakes that hard. Plus with the Civic in WA. I never locked the brakes and I made plenty of panic stops in the rain up there (the Civic didn’t have ABS either.)


So don’t buy eco friendly Continental’s. They suck.

Edit: Also, I still haven’t gotten the payout from the Integra. So if I can get that some time this year I’ll have at least $2k to spend on a car. (The Integra had a Washington title, so that’s why it’s taking the insurance company so long.)