Today on Overpriced Motorcycles

Just browsing the facebook market place and some people think they have a gold mine for a motorcycle.

Whether its high price and miles, or the mods all of a sudden add money. Lets start with contestant number one

Come on down


20k miles on a 15-16 year old sport bike. Add mentions nothing about maintenance. But im sure if you asked the guy “oh yea, had all that done last year”. Similar bikes are selling for half this guys asking price with less miles.

 Contestant number 2 come on down

But its a liter bike bro. No one cares. Its a liter bike thats probably been beaten to death and parked. Super short exhausts that come right off the header are super cool, all the GSXR brahs are doing it. #openheader Mentions nothing on mileage, or even anything done to it. Just one pic, a price and says to message for details. #aintnobodygottimefordat

Contestant number 3 come on down


Ah, the 600 squid bike. Ad mentions 2 things over and over. Fastest 600 ive ever ridden and all the mods you get to take off to make it more streetable instead of some half ass street outlaws drag bike.

These are just the 3 I happened to upload. Theres more, even some Yamahas that made the list.


I get it people do stuff to bikes for their riding style but im starting to wonder if their riding style is revving at everyone, running from cops, doing burnouts in the nice owners parking lot that let us have a meet there, and popping sick wheelies.

What happened to owning a nice sport bike, doing a few tasteful mods that made it run a little better. Get your intake, exhaust, power commander and then hit up your local dyno for a tune that makes it run perfect across the rpm range.


I own a 2001 GSXR 750. Guess whats done to it, k&n intake, 01 02 gsxr 1000 exhaust manifold(titanium) and a yoshimura rs3 titanium slip on. Along with a power commander. Guess whats happening soon, yep, you’re right, going to the dyno to get it running perfect.

Can ya also guess whats not wrong with it, 2 for 2, its got new almost everything. Plugs, coils, injectors, fuel pump, fork seals, brakes and pads, tires, chain, sprockets(stock teeth), valves adjusted, gsxr 1000 intake cam and moved my 750 intake cam to exhaust.(easy mod for 10-15 whp)


Ive fixed every issue my $850 Gsxr 750 had. Poor wiring, lack of maintenance, shotty body work, the list goes on. The only thing I didnt replace was the frame and engine. Im in it 2700 bucks, but guess what, best mechanical shape its been in since new probably.

Unlike half the contestants above. Sure I could have bought someones 2k-2500 gsxr 750. That god knows whats wrong with. I bought a project, between friends, the gsxr forums and ebay(yes ebay, cuz 01 is too old for bike junkyards in reasonable distance from me) I fixed it. Bike runs amazing, rides amazing and even scared my harley riding uncle. He didnt think it was fast, lol.


Now when riding season kicks off, ill have a 750 that I can own for a few years and only have to do minor work too. Then could probably sell it for 2200 bucks. Ive got pics, receipts, and the bikes condition will be proof. Ill have no problem selling it, if I ever do. Ill ask a reasonable price(based on similar bikes on the market), show any buyers proof of the work done.

Now that my project GSXR is running decent(still gotta hit the dyno) and Ive felt its power, ill probably keep it til it dies.

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