Made an off-hand remark to dad to put this:

Into this:


As in, goofy homemade RWD conversion and all.... And he’s fully on for doing it?

Ofcourse it’ll be into the Folkracer, so it’s being held by the cage in the rear of the car, which looks like it’ll need a big ol’ hole cut in it.

The volvo front subframe is seemingly just bolted to the car by 4 huge bolts with rubber bushings, a single top-mount to support the engine torque load, and the strut towers, all of which seems simple enough to build onto a frame and triangulate into the rear cage. In theory.

That leaves minor things like relocating a fuel tank to the front, converting to no power steering, or electric pumps, or extended lines from the volvo pump, and how to fit a cooling system to the very-cramped-rear of the car.


...but hey, all in the name of sick burnouts, drifts, and good old janky engineer

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