how much I miss the donksnob. What a great website he had.

If the donk snob was here, here is how he would take today`s ncocp donk:

"Well first off, we got this hear allogator cutlass. Now den, I be lookin at ta ad, and I wonder wut with some of them pics. They look like they was takin from tv or somethin. Daymn dawg, even sone cell phone pics better than this. Now y`all know themes aint my favorite, buuuuuuuutttt I gota give dis guy at least some props for going all ta way wit it. Them chrome gators be nuts, but I cant say I really like it tho.

From there dis car done fail hard tho, the wheels and the lift just kilt it. Why you lifted so high? You offroading with da gators in da swamp bro?? Lower dat shit. And look at dem wheels, they just uglyier than sin. Gator themed wheelz is just turrible. This car be failing, but it had potential tho, cutlass is a right car to cut, too bad you screwed it up. Aight I'm done, this car is a fail."...

Come back donksnob...Jalopnik misses you!