It was -6 this morning and I needed to go get some prescriptions. So I said to myself “I wonder if the tomos will run in this weather?” And decided that if I starts up in 5 kicks or less I’d take it for a spin.

And on the fifth kick she fired right up. I also confirmed that it will do at least 25mph via a speedometer app on my phone. Which is wonderful news. The first time I rode it it wouldn’t get over 18-19 and I was worried the 2 speed trans wasn’t shifting.

I also have some stuff coming next week for it. New handle bar grips, and a service manual that will hopefully help me sort out the electrical problems. Once the lights are on, and it gets 40-60 degrees warmer out side, I think she’ll be good to go...


Also this thing needs a name. My Honda Aero80 was named Rose, so maybe another flower. Or go the other direction and name something obscenely manly, like Nailhead, or Richard Wang.

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